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Legionario XIX

Legionario XIX

Photograph courtesy of Sr. S. Mesdag  

      Macedonio's sire, Legionario XIX, bred by the famous Candau stud, was an exceptional stallion. There are 201 of his offspring registered in the Spanish Studbook. All of the stallions currently standing at the Candau stud are either his sons, grandsons or great grandsons. He has sired numerous prizewinning stock and International dressage horses, at both the Candau and Cardenas studs. He is the sire or grandsire of many Champions of Spain at SICAB and also at least 20 horses graded Calificado. We believe he may have received the 'Elite' grade in Spain, but have been unable to confirm this as yet.

This is what the Candau stud say about him:

'This stallion, which was never entered into the competition, to cover at liberty, has been one of the emblems of this herd. His offspring have achieved 97 medals, 12 prizes for Best Movement and two Champions of Functionality.'

Legionario XIX is one of only thirty stallions to be chosen, by Alvaro Domecq Romero, to appear in his book 'Historical and Current Stallions of the Purebred Spanish Horse'.

He says '....... Legionario XIX, proved not only to be a great horse in every aspect, but also one of the most influential horses in the breeding of the Purebred Spanish Horse in the last twenty years. Seeing this is as easy as reviewing the long list of champions of Spain and seeing how many are of his sperm, Therefore, we can dare to say that he is the stallion that has given Spain the most champions.'

In the same book, Carlos Conesa, of the La Pena de Bejar Stud, says 'The line of Legionario XIX is of the most important in the world of the PRE.'

There is a saying, somewhere along the lines of 'a good stallion has exceptional temperament, conformation, and movement. A 'great' stallion passes all these attributes on to his stock'. Legionario XIX was truly a 'great' stallion, and his descendants are still winning in the show ring, both in the UK, and throughout the World.

Acacia III

Acacia III

Macedonio's dam is one of the Cardenas Studs most highly regarded mares. She received a Mention of Honour for 2yr old fillies at SICAB 1993 and a Silver medal in the cobra of 5 mares at Seville 2000. Her pedigree reads like a Who's Who of PRE horses, containing stallions such as Leviton, Vasallo II, Ranchero III, Bilbaino III, Agente, Maluso, Novato, Poseido III, Celoso III and Helicon.

Joya III

Another highly regarded Cardenas mare and Macedonio's Granddam. As well as her own achievements, listed below, she is also the Great Granddam of the 2007 SICAB Champion Stallion of Spain, Gitano XXXII. Her half sister, Intima II, was Champion Mare of Spain in 1981.

                       Reserve Champion of Spain SICAB 1985.

                       Silver medal 3yr old fillies Jerez 1981.

                       Gold medal cobra Jerez 1983.

                       Bronze medal mare Jerez 1983. 

                       Bronze medal mare Jerez 1984.

                       Cuarto Premio en lote de yeguas Jerez 1987.

                       Bronze medal Cobra Jerez 1993.

                       Mention of Honour Mare 7yrs 1993.

                       Quinto Premio en cobras Jerez 1994.

                       Bronze medal 2yr old fillies Seville 1980.

                       Gold medal 3yr old fillies Seville 1981.

                       Quinto Premio en lote de yeguas Seville 1984.

                       Quinto Premio en lote de yeguas Seville 1984.

                       Silver medal mare Seville 1985.

                       Reserve Champion of Spain Seville 1985.

                       Quinto Premio en lote de yeguas Seville 1985.

                       Silver medal cobra SICAB 1991.

                       Bronze medal mare SICAB 1991.

                       Siver medal cobra SICAB 1992. 

                       Mention of Honour SICAB 1992.

                       Gold medal cobra SICAB 1993.

                       Mention of Honour cobra SICAB 1995.

                       Mention of Honour cobra Marbella 1995. 

                       Mention of Honour cobra SICAB 1997.

Ranchero III

Ranchero III 

Macedonio's Grandsire. A very famous Cardenas bred bay stallion who is entered in the Spanish book of Merits(L.I.M.P.R.E). 

                       Bronze medal 2yr old colts Jerez 1987.

                       Half brother to Ungido IV Champion of Spain.

                       Sire of Vandalo:

                       Champion of Feria del Campo 1975.

                       Champion of Spain 1983.


                       Sire of Duna-mac:

                       Gold medal Sevilla 1997.

                       Best movement Champion Sevilla 2001.

                       Gold medal Marbella 1995.

He has 88 offspring registered in the Spanish Studbook


Photograph courtesy of Sr. S. Mesdag


Macedonio's Great Grandsire, Leviton, is probably best known for being the sire of Evento, who competed in the dressage at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, ridden by Ignacio Ramblas. Leviton was famed for his movement, which he passed on to his offspring. He was honoured at SICAB and is entered in the Spanish Book of Merits (LIMPRE). There are 173 of his progeny registered in the Spanish Studbook.

Leviton's Record in the Book of Merits (LIMPRE) of Spanish Horses

Sire of Mimada; Birth Date Mar 1 1975; Code 001600497; Color Grey; Breeder Rodriguez Sevillano; Sire Leviton; Dam Guadalete; Owner Rodriguez Sevillano; Merits Outstanding

Sire of Mejicano XIV; Birth Date March 26, 1977; Code 001601474; Color Grey; Breeder Cahuet Franquet; Sire Leviton; Mother Mejicana VIII; Owner 2 Deposito de Sementales; Merits Distinguished.

Sire of Bandolera XIX; Birth Date Jan 1 1979; Code 001700618; Color Grey; Breeder Romero Benitez (Learn more about Romero Benitez Lines) ; Sire Leviton; Dam Favorita XVII; Owner Romero Benitez; Merits Distinguished.

Sire of Bombardina; Birth Date Feb 04, 1979. Code 001700616. Color Grey; Breeder Romero Benitez; Sire Leviton; Dam Senorita XII; Owner Romero Benitez.

Sire of Baturra VIII; Birth Date May 9 1979; Code 001700617; Color Grey; Breeder Romero Benitez; Sire Leviton; Dam Legionaria V; Owner Romero Benitez; Merits Outstanding.

Sire of Senorito XXV; Birth Date Jan. 21 1980; Code 001701342; Color Grey; Breeder Romero Benitez; Sire Leviton; Dam Senorita XII; Owner Dona Ascension; Merits Distinguished.

Sire of Quebrantada II; Birth Date Feb. 28, 1984, Code 001810465; Color Grey; Breeder Cardenas Miguel A. Y Pedro; Sire Leviton; Dam Vaqueta; Owner Pedro Cardenas Osuna; Merits Distinguished.

Sire of Ranchero III; Birth Date Feb. 13 1985; Code 001811590; Color Grey; Breeder Cardenas Osuna.-Pedro; Sire Leviton; Dam Lobata II; Owner Cardenas Osuna Pedro; Merits Distinguished.

Sire of Danzarina 9: Birth Date Jan 14 1992. Code 002007434. Breeder Diosdado Galan; Sire Leviton; Dam Salina. Owner Diosdado Galan. Outstanding.



A Military bred stallion and son of the famous Agente. He has 72 offspring registered in the Spanish studbook.

Vasallo II

Vasallo II



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