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Purebred PRE (Andalusian) Grey Stallion graded (APTO) for breeding.


Registered with BAPSH & ANCCE (Spanish Studbook).


161CM (15.3hh). 23cm bone. Born 2002.


Heterozygous for grey (Gg). 50% of offspring from non-grey mares will not grey.


Homozygous for nd1, the newly discovered dun mutation, (nd1/nd1). All offspring will have some form of primitive markings and varying degree of dilution.


All stock eligable for registration.


Standing at Brackenspa Stud near Bourne, South Lincolnshire.


NFFR. (1st October terms apply)

   Natural Service or A.I. (fresh or chilled)



BAPSH National Championship Breed Show 2010

2nd PRE Stallions 7yrs & over Morphology (Conformation + Movement) Class


The Lusitano Society Annual Breed Show 2010

1st PRE Males 4yrs & over In Hand

Champion Best Spanish Male In Hand (De La Villa Cup)

Overall Champion Spanish Purebred In Hand (The BAPSH Cup)


Hertfordshire County Show 2010

Ist Iberian In-Hand

Champion Iberian In-Hand

Highest Placed PRE In Hand


Sissons Farm Show 2010

Ist Rare & Foreign Breeds In-Hand

Reserve Champion In-Hand

Qualified for Royal London Show


Equifest 2010

1st Spanish Purebred Horse In Hand

Champion Spanish & Lusitano In-Hand

Reserve Supreme Champion Foreign Breeds In-Hand

4th World Breeds 4yrs & over In Hand


BAPSH National Championship Breed Show 2011

4th PRE Stallions 7yrs & over Morphology (Conformation + Movement) Class

5th PRE Stallions 7yrs & over Movement

2nd Annual Performance Awards Showing

We consider ourselves very fortunate to own Mac. He was originally purchased from the Cardenas Stud by Ramon Jimenez Diaz of Yeguada La Ciervina, who is a well known and respected breeder of PREs.


Mac is everything you could want in a horse, but probably the thing you notice most is his incredible temperament. He is very laidback, even for a PRE. This doesn't mean he is lazy, he just gets on with his job whatever it may be. Whether he's covering mares, going out on a hack or schooling, he does everthing calmly and without fuss. Often all on the same day!. His sire had exactly the same temperament, and Mac is already passing this on to his offspring. He is also quick to learn and very brave.

Apart from his amazing temperament, he has exceptional conformation and fantastic straight, balanced, rythmic paces. He has been bred for dressage and, despite having a late start, he is showing lots of ability. Far more than his owners!


Mac has now been tested for dun by UC Davis in the USA. He has been confirmed as being homozygous for nd1, which is an ancient, mutated form of dun. This means that he will always pass on one copy of nd1 to his offspring, which explains why they have all had primitive markings, such as dorsal stripes, leg barring, etc. This also causes some degree of dilution in most horses. However, some horses are showing no dilution, and others, such as Mac's daughter, Alondra, are very diluted. There is no explanation for the varying degrees of dilution being shown at the moment, but no doubt further research will eventually solve the mystery.

Macedonio's ancestors are amongst the best known and influential horses (both stallions & mares) in the history of the breed. His pedigree is second to none. His Grandsires are Reclamo (Militar) and Ranchero III (Cardenas), and his Great Grandsires are Lenguage (Militar), Habano II (Granda Losada), Leviton (Militar) and Vasallo II (Cardenas). His Great Great Grandsires are Agente x2 (Militar), Leopardo (Militar), Boticario (Granda Losada), Luz, Feten (Cardenas), and Bilbaino III x2 (Robert Osborne).

Macedonio's sire, Legionario XIX, was bred by the famous Candau stud. After a very successful stud career there, he was later sold to the equally famous Cardenas stud.

The Candau and Cardenas studs are amongst the most prestigious in the World, and have been breeding PRE horses for many generations. They both concentrate on producing horses of unsurpassable temperament, together with correct conformation and paces, which excel at dressage.

Candau has been awarded the title of Best Stud Farm at SICAB six times. They have also had five mares ( Zorzalena IV, 1992. Africana XXVI, 1996. Hindu, 2000 & 2002. Impia, 2001. Ja-Ja-Ja, 2003.) and two stallions (Urdidor III, 2000. Urdidor VII, 2001) named

Spanish Champions at SICAB. They were awarded Champion filly in 2001 (Ja-Ja-Ja) and 2003 (Machaquita). Urdidor III was also Movement Champion of Spain in 2000.

Legionario XIX is either the Sire or Grandsire of all but two (Zorzalena IV and Africana XXVI) of these horses. He is also the sire, grandsire or great grandsire of all but one of the nine stallions currently standing at the Candau stud, which shows how highly he is regarded.The stud fee of Urdidor III, who is Macedonio's half brother, is 2000 euros for frozen semen only.

The Cardenas stud has had horses win the title, Champion of Spain, fourteen times, and Champion of Champions, four times. Whilst at the Cardenas stud, Legionario XIX sired numerous prizewinning horses, many of which are still competing successfully in Spain today.

Macedonio's half brother, Junco-MAC was sold at the Cardenas auction in November 2006 for 67,000 euros.

Fuego, who represented Spain, in dressage, at the 2008 Olympics and also at WEG in 2010, is owned by the Cardenas Stud. His pedigree includes the famous Military stallion Agente, from whom so many top PRE dressage horses are descended. Agente also appears twice in Macedonio's pedigree.

Legionario's stock is also competing successfully in the International Dressage arena. Urdidor III competed at Grand Prix level, ridden by Olympic Silver Medallist, Rafael Soto Andrade and was 316 on the FEI WBFSH Horses World Ranking List-Dressage 2007. Bandido XVIII was purchased by the Royal Andalusian School of Equitation and, ridden by Antonio Cid, was ranked in the top 200 in the World on the FEI Best Horse and Rider list 2005.

Mac makes an ideal cross for most types of mare. Many breeds already contain a percentage of Spanish blood, including some of the larger British Natives, Lipizzaners, Warmbloods, Irish Draughts, Freisians, several American and South American breeds and even Thoroughbreds.

The Thoroughbred x PRE is becoming increasingly popular for eventing, as PRE's are good jumpers, clever and brave enough to tackle anything. The famous Lusitano Grade A showjumping stallion, Novilheiro, who was owned and jumped by John Whitaker, was sired by Firme, who's pedigree was almost totally PRE.

The Warmblood x PRE is very successful, especially for dressage, as most Warmbloods were created by crossing indigenous draught or carriage breeds with Spanish horses, then later adding Arab and Thorougbred blood.

Other notable crosses are with:

The Arab, which gives you the beautiful and versatile Hispano-Arabe.

The Quarterhorse, which produces the Azteca, the National horse of Mexico.

The Percheron, which produces the Spanish-Norman, a good weight carrying allrounder.

The Freisian, which produces the Warlander.

The larger Natives, eg: Connemara, Welsh Cob, to give another versatile allrounder suitable for most disciplines.

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