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'I want to thank you as Pim is such a little gentleman and I have to say that has got to do with his upbringing so far, you both really have brought a perfect little guy into the world. Me and Debs are very happy with him and we are both spending lots of time grooming him, taking him for walks and plenty of in hand work.

I can 100% say that we would both love to come down and see you both again!'

'Pim really is a lovely lad, very affectionate and takes everything in his stride. You did a wonderful job in his first few months'

Lydia Clayton, Sheffield.



Tempo doing brilliantly and growing like weed, lovely horse, Thanks, Julie

Regaliz XII

Hi Sue and Kieran,

Thought I would give you a little update on how the little fella is doing and a couple of pictures for you of him playing with his friend.

He is being a very good boy and everybody loves him who meets him :-)

He had a bit of an accident the second day we had him when he decided he wanted to jump out of his stable..hasnt hurt himself though apart from a few little scratches on his back leg but he has a bar up now on his door and he is fine.

He has beautiful paces when he starts showing off in the field :-)

He has been for a few little walks out down the lanes and the leading is coming on wonderfully..he is a very clever boy and a very quick learner..he also now has a haynet at night as he liked to trample his hay into his bed and he very quickly learnt how to extract the food from it (greedy lad)

Anyway thank you very much for letting us have him..he is a gem

Hope you are both well and enjoy the pictures

Take Care

Lots of Loves

Leanne & Reggie xx

Tigresa II

Email received re: Tigresa II

Hi Sue, She is so gorgeous! Congratulations on her outstanding quality!


Susan Ambrose

Andalusians de Mythos, USA


It was been windy but not too bad. Dom has been a perfect boy! Mark has done such a good job so far. There was plastic flapping and he didn't bat an eyelid. Mark rode him first just around the yard, with dogs running around, tractors, cars etc and all on the lightest of contacts. He can get on and off him both sides, he stands perfectly still to mount and dismount, he passed through a narrow gap in the school of some jumper fillers. I am so chuffed with him. When i got on him he halted when asked just by using a deeper seat, stood still when asked. Obviously he is only being walked as yet. Next week they are going to walk him round the farm with another horse and then they will work up to taking him out on his own.

You've bred a cracking little horse I couldn't praise you both enough!



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