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Sire: Macedonio-MAC


Dam: MIll Sigilosa


Colt born 2010


Reggie is a big friendly boy, always very obliging and wanting to please. He now has a lovely new home with Leanne.


He came 4th as a yearling at his first show in 2011, in a Youngstock Class against 2 & 3yr olds, and Leanne says that he was impeccably behaved. Well done Reggie and Leanne!

He went on to win a Youngstock Class at another show, with some very nice comments from the judge, and came second in a Yearling Class at Holton-le-Moor.

At his first show of the 2012 season, and also first time indoors, he won and qualified for Trailblazers Second Round. The judge loved him and said he will be a cracking horse.

Unfortunately Leanne couldn't take him further, due to breaking her foot.


Below Reggie at 2yrs old.

  Above, Reggie at his first show as a yearling.


Tiggi, Summer 2010

Sire: Macedonio-MAC

Dam: Mill Sigilosa

Filly born 16th June 2009

Tiggi was born very stripey, hence her name! She is now greying slowly, but retains all her dun markings. She's a lovely friendly girl, with excellent conformation and paces.


Tiggi has now gone to her new home with Rebecca, where I'm sure she is loving all the attention!

Tiggi now 2yrs old with Rebecca.


Sire: Macedonio-MAC (Grey)

Dam: Bonita LXXV (Grey)

Colt born 5th May 2009

Bonny and Mac have produced a beautiful big colt foal who is dun, with prominent dorsal stripe, shoulder and leg barring, plus dark face. He is going grey, although he has a high probability of having just one grey gene, the same as his parents.


Pimentero has now gone to his new home with Lydia. I know he will be much loved and I'm sure they will have lots of fun together.

Pim's first time in the river. 3yrs old and approx. 16.1hh!


Sire: Mavedonio-MAC (Grey) PRE

Dam: Valencia (Grey) PRE x Welsh

Bred by Helen Eldrid

Greying filly born 2011.


Sire: Macedonio-MAC (Grey) PRE

Dam: Curtismill Fair Lady (Palomino) Welsh x Hackney

Bred by: Shirley Gorman

Buckskin non-greying filly born 2012.

Congratulations to Shirley on her beautiful filly!


 Sombreado, August 2010 

Sire: Macedonio-MAC (Grey)

Dam: Lucera of  Millpark (Bay)

Colt born 24th June 2008.

This is our first foal by Mac and we are very pleased with him! He is 7/8ths PRE and 1/8th Arab. He is full of presence and has fantastic paces which we feel will make him a certain dressage prospect.

He will almost definately go grey, but strangely, he has a dorsal stripe, shoulder bars and very distinct front leg barring, plus some striping on his back legs.

Sombreado now has a lovely new home with Leah and her family.

Below Sombreado at 4yrs old. Still entire and ridden in a Happy mouth straight bar (just like his mum!).


Sire: Macedonio-MAC (Grey)

Dam: Duquesa XLVII (Grey)

Grey filly born August 2007


This is Mac's first foal. She is a purebred PRE and belongs to Yeguada Pendle. She has inherited Mac's laid back temperament, and apparently didn't even have a head collar on to have her mane and tail trimmed for the first time!              


Sire: Mejicano XXIX (Grullo)

Dam: Lucera of  Millpark (Bay)

Dun colt born July 2007

This is Lucy's first foal and he really is a stunning boy. Pictured here at 2yrs old. He is 7/8ths PRE and 1/8th Arab. We expect him to mature to about 16hh. He has fantastic conformation and is a gorgeous golden colour, with a dorsal stripe, front leg barring and multicoloured mane and tail. He has inherited his dams loose, extended paces and we think he should do well in the dressage arena, although he has already shown a natural talent for jumping!


Tempo has now gone to live with, Fiona & Steve, on a hill farm in the Peak District National Park. It sounds like he's going to have a busy life, which he'll love!


Below: Tempo, now 5yrs old, when we went to see him. Don't worry, I usually make Kieron wear a hat, but he just hopped on for the photo!


Sire: Gastador XII (Bay)

Dam: Bonita LXXV (Grey)

Bay colt born 12/4/2008

A lovely clever boy with a big personality. He has amazing paces and likes nothing better than doing new things.


Dom now has a lovely new home with Sheena in Kent, where he will be kept busy hacking, showing and doing dressage. He is already backed and doing well.


Sire: Bandolero XXVI (Grey)

Dam: Bonita LXXV (Grey)

Grey colt born 5/3/2003

This one of Bonny's foals born before we owned her. As you can see, he is now a beautiful stallion, owned by Terri Welch.

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