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FEI Ranking List

The PRE has finished 10th on the FEI WBFSH Horses World Ranking List-Dressage by Studbook 1/10/2008 to 31/5/2009. This is above the Lusitano (11), Trakehner (12), Belgium Warmblood (14) and Selle Francais (16).

Foals for 2010

Our PRE mares, Mill Sigilosa and Bonita LXXV, are in foal to Macedonio-MAC for 2010.

Ungido IV

Ungido IV has died aged 21 yrs. He was Stallion Breed Champion of Spain 1995, Stallion Breed Champion of Andalusia three times, Champion of Champions and sired 143 registered offspring. He was bred by the Cardenas stud and his dam, Lobata II, is our stallion's Great Granddam.

Second 2009 Foal

Secret has suprised us all and given birth to the stripiest filly foal you ever saw, 2 weeks early, on her own in the field! We very pleased with is one. She's big and leggy like her half brother, and dun! She just had to be called Tigresa (Tigress). Photo's at 1 day old.

First 2009 Foal

Bonny had her foal at 2am on 5/5/09. Another colt and another dun! He's a big leggy boy and very pretty. Both mother and foal are doing fine. Photos at 1 day old. He's called Pimentero (Pepperpot).


We took Mac for a lesson with our trainer Anita Shelton on Sunday (25/1/09). We haven't been out for some time because of my ill-health, but he behaved perfectly and did some very nice work. Anita owns a PRE stallion and a PRE x Lippizaner mare.

Open Day

 Brackenspa Stud will be having an Open Day on 28th March 2009, 11am-3pm, to view the stallions and facilities.

Grey Gene

Macedonio-MAC is the first PRE in the UK to be tested for the grey gene. He is heterozygous (Gg), which means he has only one grey gene. So there is a 50% chance of his offspring not greying when he is put to a non-grey mare. This reduces to 25% when he is put to a mare that is also heterozygous for grey.

2008 Breed Show, Hartpury

We had a lovely time at the Breed Show at Hartpury. As it was both Macedonio's and our first time there, we only took him in the Stallion Parade in the end. He behaved very well in the massive International indoor arena, with the other stallions. He didn't mind the banners, but wasn't quite so keen on the audience!

We had a great compliment from a Spanish handler, who was in the parade with another stallion. He was very interested in Mac and said he is a very good horse. He told us that Cardenas horses are highly regarded in Spain.

Lots of people who knew Mac (both in Spain and the UK) came to see him. We discovered that Lorna Hussey, who is a brilliant artist, had actually done some drawings of Mac and made them into prints. So of course we had to have one of those!

Mac took everything in his stride, as usual, and we're already looking forward to next year!

Olympic News

The PRE stallion, Fuego XII, belonging to Miguel Angel Cardenas Osuna, finished 16th in the individual dresssage at the 2008 Olympic Games, representing Spain. Unfortunately, Spain could not compete in the team event due to injury.

Fuego XII is related to several of our horses, and, of course, is owned by the same stud that bred our stallion, Macedonio-MAC.

Rociero XV a 13yr old PRE (Andalusian), ridden by Kristina Harrison, was one of only twelve horse and rider combinations invited to compete for a spot on the USA Olympic dressage team.

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