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Photo courtesy of Horsepower-Photography. Copyright.

The PRE (Andalusian) has been bred for centuries to work in complete harmony with his rider, displaying courage, agility, balance and obedience in the face of the fierce black Spanish fighting bulls. These qualities are now translating perfectly into the modern dressage arena.

Welcome to our home page. We breed purebred (PRE) and part-bred Andalusian horses. We are registered with ANCCE in Spain and BAPSH in the UK. Our aim is to breed horses that have calm, trainable temperaments, with outstanding conformation and paces. Our many times Champion, Cardenas bred, foundation stallion, Macedonio-MAC, combines all these qualities, which he is already passing on to his progeny. Our mares have also been chosen with the same attributes in mind. We believe that a good temperament is of paramount importance in a horse, making it easier to train and a pleasure to handle.

Macedonio-MAC is standing at public stud near Bourne in South Lincolnshire. We have stock for sale by him and other PRE stallions.


*************************************EXCITING NEWS!****************************************

I have now opened an Etsy shop called Spanish Gold UK. I will be selling handmade jewellery, and decorations, inspired by our beautiful Spanish horses, and the natural world.

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